A few testimonials for our President and CEO, Jim Dunn...

Dr. Gregory D. Jordan

President Emeritus

King University

"Jim Dunn is a highly skilled, well-qualified enrollment management expert who reliably generates results for his clients.  His professional experience in all aspects of higher education enrollment management is unparalleled!"

Dr. Rob Pepper

Assistant Provost / Dean of the School of Graduate Studies

Messiah College

"Jim Dunn has a great deal of expertise in the area of enrollment management and marketing particularly in the area of online adult graduate students. After conducting an assessment of our current staffing and procedures and reviewing our goals; he assisted us in developing standard operating procedures based on best practices in adult online enrollment practices while taking into account our current staffing levels and operating budgets.  These steps paved the way for future growth; including implementing a CRM, hiring additional staff and developing robust marketing and re-targeting campaigns. The solutions that he provided have led to both short-term and long-term improvements in conversion rates as well as employee satisfaction within our financial models."

Dr. James Hunter


Emerge Education

“Higher Ed Support, in particular Founder Jim Dunn, is one of the most effective and innovative enrollment managers that I have ever worked with. If your institution is struggling to stand out in today’s competitive market, Jim is an expert you can rely on to improve recruitment practice, process, policy and admissions management and analysis.”

Jennifer Goode


Enrollment Builders

“I have worked with Jim Dunn on several consulting projects, and I can honestly say his depth of knowledge and experience in the worlds of traditional, adult, online and graduate enrollment management are unmatched in higher education. I would highly recommend Jim if you wish to grow your entire campus enrollment!” 

Dr. William Drake

Former President

Midway University (2002-2012)

"Jim Dunn is an exceptional leader in higher education. His enrollment management methods and best practices are state of the art in the field of online education". 

Rob Oliva

Director of recruitment

St. Francis College, Brooklyn

“Jim Dunn was an integral part of the Admissions operation at St. Francis College.  During his time on our campus, he restructured admissions policies, procedures, and contact strategy.  More importantly, he served as our data-wizard.  Whether it was creating weekly KPI Dashboards, real-time reports, maximizing use of our CRM, or providing much-needed training to our team, Jim helped lead a resurgence in enrollment management at SFC. In less than one full recruitment cycle, enrollment grew upwards of 30%.  Jim is not just a consultant, he is an extension of our team, and we could not be more grateful for his collaboration, partnership, and support as we work together to advance the mission of St. Francis College.”


CEO, Capture Higher Education (2012-Present)

Former COO, The Learning House (2007-2012)

“The Learning House was founded on the principle of helping traditional schools evolve and stay competitive as the world around them rapidly changes. With this purpose in mind, we sought out and recruited Jim Dunn to help us…Jim is a lifelong enrollment manager who brings remarkable for-profit admissions expertise.”

Laura Dorman

Online Learning Marketing Manager

University of Louisville

"I hope you are fortunate enough to meet and work with Jim, or at least come across people like him in your lifetime. It is like meeting someone who has seen the future of recruiting and enrollment management and is able to take your university there! I had the privilege of working directly and indirectly with Jim for a few years, at The Learning House where he was the V.P. of Enrollment Management working with over 100 colleges and universities across the U.S. and at the University of Louisville where he provided strategic consulting in making our online learning enrollment management department more efficient. Jim’s extensive experience across enrollment management in higher education and online education has been extremely valuable for all partner institutions that he worked with. His knowledge, leadership style, mentoring and motivating skills have helped many enrollment management teams -- and the schools they served -- build a path to success. From inquiry and lead contact strategy to application and enrollment communication flows, the operating procedures that Jim implements are rooted in industry best practices and designed to maximize the partner university’s ROI. Jim has not only built and grown successful and effective enrollment management teams but has been educating stakeholders in the process. I know I have learned a great deal from him and I am still applying the knowledge he shared in my marketing processes and performance measurements. For these reasons and many more, I am honored to recommend Jim as a consulting professional. If you want to make your institution’s recruitment and enrollment processes more effective, or you want to bring your institution into the future, Jim Dunn is the right man for the job!"

William Miller


Miller & Cook Associates

"Jim Dunn's expertise and experience in enrollment management is unique in higher education. He brings modern best practices and procedures to all of his clients and can help them become self-sufficient."

Dawn Dreese

Senior Director of Admissions

Valley Forge Military College

“Jim Dunn helped us implement a new CRM that greatly improved our accountability and communication to our prospective students.  He has a vast knowledge of best practices in higher education admissions.  I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their overall enrollment goals.” 

Micah R. Crews

Associate Vice-President of Enrollment Management

King University

"Jim Dunn brings years of expertise as an educator, administrator, and enrollment consultant to bear for any school.  His experience in online enrollment management brings depth and insight to providing enrollment guidance.  Jim Dunn's data driven solutions help schools increase enrollment, streamline processes, and focus the recruiting effort to maximize the new student experience."

Gemma Gibson

Assistant Director of Operations, Manager of Student Support

Straighterline (2012-2015)

"We originally hired Jim Dunn as a consultant in 2013 in order to help train the online enrollment and student support staff, maximize lead conversion and bring online enrollment best practices to the organization. With his expertise and guidance, we were able to develop new procedures and implement new strategies in order to service the thousands of college students Straighterline works with every month."

Judy Marcum

VP of College Relations and Dean of Midway College Online

Midway University (1991-2013)

"Jim Dunn assisted in tripling the online enrollment through customized strategies and a results-oriented plan.  His enrollment management consulting has a proven track record of success at multiple institutions.  His counsel was invaluable as we built the largest enrollment in the school's history."

Dr. Jerry G. Jackson, 

VP for Enrollment and Communications

University of the Cumberlands

"Jim Dunn helped us realize that while our graduate and online area was growing, our current procedures left many leads unworked.  After working together, we experienced unprecedented conversion rates and a much happier staff!"

Dr. DeWayne P. Frazier

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Iowa Wesleyan University

"Jim Dunn is a quality individual with a work ethic to match. He is honest, hard working and fair. He brings a high level of competency of working in the for profit and non-profit sector and has the ability to marry the best of both worlds. You will not be disappointed if you are fortunate enough to work with him. He literally wrote the book on online program management, and I have the book in my office and review it monthly."