Online & Traditional Enrollment Management

Lead Management

  • Contact strategy implementation and monitoring

    • We work with your admissions team and IT department to create contact strategies and communication flow for all of your institution’s inquiries (online, transfer, graduate and traditional). We help enrollment managers create best practice SOP's for the admissions team and help you manage and report on your conversion rates.

Application Conversion

  • Application follow-up strategy implementation and monitoring

    • We help you build, implement and manage a communication flow and touch point strategy from the point of application through the first week of class. We work with your FA team, Student Success team and Registrar to ensure the communication is consistent and "customer friendly" throughout the process.

Marketing Assistance

  •  Ad campaign monitoring and analytics

    • We work with your marketing team to create and manage marketing campaigns for all segments of your institution (online, transfer, graduate and traditional). From traditional campus events for your incoming freshman class, to digital marketing campaigns for your online students, HES can help grow all of your student segments.

Data Analytics

Prior Data

  • Three year lead and application data analysis

    • We look at your lead data from the past three years and help you build strategic marketing plans based on what has worked and what has not. Many schools spend thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns simply because "it is what we always did in the past". Our goal is to help you develop marketing plans designed to maximize yield and ROI and not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Data Reporting

  • Weekly lead and application reports

    • We work with your data administrators and IT team and develop bi-weekly and monthly data reports customized to your needs. We will produce and distribute reports for you and we deliver them directly to your inbox.

Institutional Data

  • Track and monitor all lead, application and enrollment data for institutional reporting

    • We work with your IR staff and help to develop and manage IR reports based on your admissions data. We then help your marketing and admissions teams to develop targeted campaigns based on the data.

Website Analytics

  • Monitor and provide weekly Google Analytics reports on your website traffic

    • We work with your web development team to monitor your website analytics. We then work with your marketing team to connect the bounce rates, unique visitor data, page views and conversions to active marketing and social media campaigns in order to maximize your marketing ROI and yield.